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Currently, 25.000 employed by Telekom attract the attention by their elegant black appearance. Called Super Forme, the range of clothes created according to the strict standards of Deutsche Telekom's Corporate Identity department, offer far more than just what their ap-pearance may lead to think. The new clothing concept is a product of a great functionality: it allows avoiding injuries and it protects against foul weather conditions.

Whilst Telekom's previous garments were quite un-popular among the personnel, because of their rigidity, the lack of movement ease through their design and their thermal discomfort, the new protective clothes have been rapidly adopted. They are chic, comfortable, waterproof and breathable; they protect from wind and cold, while allowing differentiating between protection against cold and against humidity. They are also conceived in function of the user: the personnel devoted to servicing and to equipment setting-up wears a « Z-liner » jacket protecting the upper part of the body. The apparel of the personnel concerned by the implementation of the telephone network requires a more efficient protection for all the body: it is composed of a pair of trousers and a jacket coated with two Goretex layers.

The collection

Super Forme collection includes the following elements: dungarees, jeans, trousers and overalls. For the protection against rain and cold, Telekom has opted for a polar sweater, a waterproof city jacket, a coat and a pair of protective trousers, as well as a protection for the head: cap, felt beret or wool bonnet. Shoes and gloves are equally planned. The city jacket, the protective coat and the trousers have a Goretex waterproof breathable membrane and comply with the European standard prEN 343 « protective apparel against foul weather ». All garments are specific to Telekom and carry the company's logo.

Details and functionality

importance has been given to details facilitating the practical use of the garments. For example, pockets are placed rather high and have a cutprotection in order that users do not get injured when bending. An easy access pocket for cellular phones is located under the flap of the front opening so the user may take the phone without opening the jacket. Thanks to a new material, the zip fastener with protection flaps of high cost has been replaced by a Goretex pre-assembled watertight flap called stormflap placed under the zip fastener so as to maintain the watertightness by allowing the flow of the water. Accessories (barriers against wicking effects, tunnels for tightening cord) equally in Goretex have proven their efficiency during tests in a rain simulator and meet the demands of the specifications set up by Deutsche Telekom's quality management.

A particular

supply logistics

Right from the concept of the work-wear, a particular approach of the making-up and deliveries logistics has been chosen. The makers-up having answered the invitation to tender have attended a two-hour presentation of the models and their functionality as defined by Telekom. Having been able to examine the patterns, but not to take them away, the makers-up have been forced to enhance their creativity and did not

From Deutsche Telekom.

limit their actions to a search for the lowest cost. The company retained, Fehiman+Wahler, provides a material buying service and the logistics. This firm entrusts the making-up to partners and subcontractors (in Tunisia and Poland) certified by Deutsche Telekotn's quality management; these partners and subcontractors may not to be changed without its agreement. Fehlman+Wahler finances and produces beforehand the garments. The cost of the initial equipment amounts to 30 millions German Marks, the annual costs for following and additional orders reach 8.75 millions German Marks for Deutsche Telekom alone. Indeed T-Mobil, T-Data and Te-Immobilien will also use the garments.

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